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Deep Dive Russia

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Russians, like citizens of any other country, have typical traits that distinguish them from representatives of other cultures. Knowing these traits will help you adapt to and understand Russian culture better.

Russian Dinner Table

They like to host people in their homes

Russians are known for their hospitality. They enjoy meeting guests and visit their friends and acquaintances with pleasure. Lavishly set tables are the main attribute of such meetings.

Even if you are invited for a cup of tea, it is better not to eat before the visit – Russians tend to lay out everything they have in front of the guests, including those of their own preparation (homemade jams, pickles, etc.) There is nothing more offensive for the hostess than the sight of an empty table in the midst of the gatherings. In her mind, this is a sign that the guests are still hungry and there was not enough food available.

Do not visit any home with empty hands

In Russia, people do not go to visit their friends or families empty-handed, even if it is not a birthday or other celebrations, but a small friendly get-together. You must definitely bring something. It can be a cake, a bottle of wine, and do not forget sweets for younger family members. The gift itself is not that important. The important thing is to have it. Otherwise, you may be considered a stingy person.

Do not smile at strangers

Russians are not used to smiling for no reason and even more, hiding a bad mood or problems behind a cheerful expression. It is considered as insincerity, according to many Russians. In public, they tend to maintain a serious, focused facial expression.

But as soon as a Russian person finds himself or herself in a circle of colleagues, friends, or relatives, he or she instantly “transforms” into the most smiling human being in the world and sometimes, there is no end to laughter and jokes.

Treat women in a special caring way

Some of the most beautiful women in Russia are known throughout the world. There is a special attitude towards them. For example, they are given a place in public transport, doors are held and a hand is given to them to help them get out of the car, etc.  Such gallantry is not considered an encroachment on independence or belittling the business qualities of women. Women make a lot of effort to always look gorgeous and self-sufficient.

Russian Friend

Treasure true friendship​

Friendship is a vital thing in the life of Russians. A true friend is sometimes closer than a relative. The concept of loyalty, being a loyal friend, is not an empty word for many Russians. True friendships can start at school or university and last for the rest of their lives.

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