inlingua Andorra staff


Ferran Costa inlingua Andorra


Taking over the management of this company is quite rewarding. I am very fortunate to be able to work with such a diverse team, based on their background and experience.

I’ve always loved teaching, and one of my favorite things to do is teach languages. Especially English, which I continue doing.

In today’s globalized world, knowing different languages is essential. Our goal is to offer the best possible language services available to ensure that our students succeed.

Susanna Tarragona inlingua Andorra


I am the person in charge of managing the inlingua Andorra schools, which means encouraging teamwork and the collaboration of the administrative and teaching staff at our schools. I am always taking into account the concerns and educational needs of our students.

Valerie Aguilar inlingua Andorra


Head of Pedagogy

In collaboration with our director and the coordinators of the academic program, I am responsible for establishing the agenda of the weekly meetings of the Pedagogical Department and the teaching staff in order to ensure the success of our students and teachers in the wide variety of classes and levels of languages ​​that we offer, in addition to guaranteeing a quality and a continuous adaptation to the needs that arise.

I organize, prepare, and analyze academic material, such as exams, lesson content, and presentations for further teacher training, and guide academic initiatives, such as the Awards for Excellence — a program that recognizes work and ‘effort of our students.

Esther Torres inlingua Andorra

Tel. 80 70 60

Hello! I have been working at inlingua for many years. You will currently find me working in administration.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need more information. I will try my best to help you if you want information about studying abroad, language courses, business courses and the like. I look forward to meeting you!

Paloma Juarez inlingua Andorra

Tel. 80 70 60

Hello! I’m Paloma. I am the coordinator of the central school and every afternoon I welcome many students to our school who come to learn languages while having fun.

In addition to welcoming students, I support faculty and ensure that materials are always in order in accordance with the language level of our students.

Meri Martinez inlingua Andorra

Tel. 86 61 11

Hello, I’m Meritxell! You will find me at inlingua Escaldes, ensuring that everything runs smoothly

Every afternoon I coordinate the tasks of our school in Escaldes and attend to any needs that may arise.

So, if you need information or have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to visit me at inlingua Escaldes. I will be delighted to help you!

Pepa Barbero inlingua Andorra

Tel. 83 27 40

Hello! I am Pepa and you can see me every afternoon, from Monday to Friday, at Formand Idiomas in collaboration with inlingua.

My main responsibilities include taking care of the students, informing them and clarifying any doubts, taking care of those who are interested in our classes, organizing the classrooms and the materials, and last but not least, coordinating the teaching staff.

For me, working at Formand Languages in collaboration with inlingua has been a very pleasant surprise, especially working with children, as they teach me new things every day.

Our Teachers

Our schools have a highly qualified group of teachers. Language teachers from various backgrounds teach courses to children, young people, and adults and, in addition to teaching them the language they want, they pass on their love and passion for the culture and traditions that surround them.

Teachers are one of the key elements in the success of learning. inlingua is well aware of the importance of competent teaching staff and we are very selective in choosing each member. Many teachers are native speakers of the language they teach and are regularly trained in the method and materials used in class. inlingua constantly offers our teachers training and retraining courses and keeps them informed of new resources and techniques in language teaching.

Pedagogical Department

The Pedagogical Department of our inlingua schools is in charge of assigning the teacher that best adapts to the needs of each group, depending on the level, the previous exposure to the language, the specific demands, the profile, and so on. Our professionals, apart from having thorough training, specialize in specific areas. Thus, there are teachers who are ideal for training the little ones; others, in the business world; others, in the preparation of official exams, etc.

It is a luxury to have teaching staff as we do – fully involved in the teaching and academic progress of our students and immersed in all the activities we organize which help spread the importance of learning languages.

Truca ara