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Official exams

Our exam preparation classes are set-up to prepare each student to take official examinations ranging from the A2 level to the C2 level. As such, students receive instruction and extensive practice in all four key langue skill areas – Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing corresponding to the level they are in and, more importantly, in the level they wish to achieve.

As admission to a university or exchange program may require submitting an official certified language exam, our exam preparation classes are an ideal way of meeting that requirement. Over the past three years, over 70% of students taking our exam preparation classes have successfully completed their examinations earning a B2 or above language certification.

Each class focuses on two primary areas – the student gaining a practical understanding of and an ability to use the target language as well as how to prepare and take the examination. Experience has shown that in order to earn an official certification, knowing the language is not enough. Knowing the exam in detail and mastering how to approach and complete each task, is essential in order to maximize one’s score.

Our teaching staff is specifically trained on how to instruct and evaluate each exam they are responsible for teaching. Consequently, our exam focused approach is a methodology each instructor brings into the classroom. They focus on BOTH areas – learning the language AND learning the necessary exam techniques, thereby placing the student in the best possible position to successfully achieve their desired score on whatever exam they are taking.


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Oxford test of english approved test centre - inlingua Andorra

OXFORD Test of English

Available in the version FOR SCHOOLS (ages 12-16) and ADULTS

The Oxford Test of English offers you the following benefits:

  • It is certified by the University of Oxford and enjoys the recognition of external educational institutions.
  • Examines the following language skills: oral expression, listening comprehension, written expression and reading comprehension in just two hours at three levels: A2, B1 and B2.
  • The exam consists of several modules, which can be taken in any order and combination.
  • The modules can be repeated individually and the report will always show the final result.
  • The proposed scenarios allow the use of language one encounters in the real world, in social, work and academic settings (such as leaving a voice message or replying to an email).


The exam allows you to assess all four language skills through modules, with a limited time to complete each module.


In the oral expression module, examinees can participate in a mock interview, record a voice message, and answer verification questions.


The passages simulate conversations and speeches that are commonly heard in modern English-speaking contexts.


The texts and extracts used in the reading comprehension module vary in length and complexity.


The written expression module demonstrates the accuracy of managing vocabulary and grammar, as well as the ability to structure and construct texts.


Results are available after approximately 14 days. They are presented in a clear format (as a report) and show the level of the test taker in each of the four competences separately and in general, in accordance with the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. (CEFR).

For a better understanding of the results, see the “How to interpret your Report Card” help guide.


For more information on the exam and dates, please contact us.

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(Test of English as a Foreign Language: Internet Based Test)

Available in the version for JUNIORS (Ages 11 and older) and ADULTS

The TOEFL is a test that accurately and reliably measures the level of proficiency in English. The TOEFL is a test that accurately and reliably measures the level of proficiency in English. This test has an academic approach: it assesses the ability of non-native speakers to use and understand the language as it is spoken, written and heard in colleges and universities. Not approved or suspended. The result obtained will consist of a final score.

More than 4,500 high schools and universities around the world require this certificate, thus guaranteeing its international acceptance.

The TOEFL IBT test assesses four language skills:


Measures the ability to express oneself orally.


Measures the ability to read and understand academic texts.


Measures the ability to understand English as it is spoken on a university level.


Measures the ability to write university level texts.

The maximum score for this test is 120 points. Almost all American universities that include it as an entry requirement set a minimum of 70-80 points.

Currently inlingua Andorra, as an official examination center in Andorra, offers monthly testing.

This exam is valid for two years.

For more information and registration please access the following link: http://www.ets.org/toefl

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(Test of English for International Communication)

Available in the version for ADULTS:

The TOEIC test is a benchmark for language proficiency, especially in the workplace. Like the TOEFL, a final score is obtained which will determine whether the sufficient level has been reached in order to meet the minimum requirement set by the institutions that require the exam results.

Many multinationals, universities and language centers include it as an entry requirement for both professionals and non-English speaking students. It is a fast, accurate and reliable way to measure the necessary language skills.

inlingua Andorra, as an official examination center, offers this exam upon request.

This exam is valid for two years.

For more information and registration, please access the following link: http://www.ets.org/toeic

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Cambridge English Exam preparation centre icinlingua Andorraon


Available in the FOR SCHOOLS version from level A2 to B2 (up to 8 years) and the version for ADULTS.

Recognition of Cambridge exams
Cambridge Exams Cambridge ESOL exams are known around the world for their quality and prestige. They are recognized by both educational institutions and the business world as a guarantee in the assessment of English language skills, examining each language skill in different contexts.

Reasons to get a Cambridge certificate
More than two million people take the Cambridge ESOL English exams around the world every year. Their internationally recognized degrees accredit language proficiency and are accepted by a large number of educational institutions and companies.

The different levels include:

  • KET (Key English Test): level A2 (CEFR)
  • PET (Preliminary English Test): level B1 (MECR)
  • FCE (First Certificate of English): level B2 (MECR)
  • CAE (Certificate in Advanced English): level C1 (MECR)
  • CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English): level C2 (MECR).

For Cambridge exams, you can choose private lessons or group classes.
Certificates have no expiration date.

For more information: www.cambridgeesol.org


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Delf Dalf Ministère de L'éducation France icon inlingua Andorra


SCHOOL version from level A1 to B2 (up to 18 years) and ADULTS

Other prestigious titles that can be prepared in inlingua are, in French, the DELF (levels A1, A2, B1 and B2) and the DALF (levels C1 and C2).

For more information and registration: www.ciep.fr/delfdalf

The DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française) and the DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) are official French language diplomas awarded by the French Ministry of National Education and designed following the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

They are internationally recognized diplomas and in Spain they are also recognized by Spanish universities.

They have a permanent validity.

6 independent diplomas are proposed: DELF A1, DELF A2, DELF B1, DELF B2, DALF C1, DALF C2.

Each exam assesses the four communication skills: comprehension and oral expression, comprehension and written expression.

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TFI (Test de Français International)

ADULT verison

For people interested in the French language, inlingua is also the official examination center of the TFI (Test de Français International).

For more information please visit: www.ets.org/tfi/


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SCHOOL version (from 10 to 16 years) and ADULT version

Accredit your language skills with a Goethe-Institut German exam.

Do you need a certificate of international validity accrediting your knowledge of German? The Goethe Institute offers German exams for levels A1 to C2.

The Goethe-Institut exams are available to all interested parties and can be taken regardless of whether you have German nationality or not. These exams have been designed as a test of knowledge of German as a foreign language and German as a second language.

For more information: https://www.goethe.de/ins/es/ca/sta/bcn/prf.html


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SCHOOL version (10 to 17 year olds) and ADULT version

We prepare those who want to take the exam in order to obtain the DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language), a degree in Spanish issued by the Instituto Cervantes.

For more information: www.cervantes.es

DELE Spanish diplomas are official qualifications accrediting the degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language.

The DELE examinations are designed following the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and the Manual for relating examinations to the CEFR, both are creations of the European Council.

The DELE diplomas cover all levels of the MCER:

  • Spanish diploma level A1.
  • Spanish diploma level A2.
  • Spanish diploma level B1.
  • Spanish diploma level B2.
  • Spanish diploma level C1.
  • Spanish diploma level C2.

Recognition of DELE diplomas
DELE diplomas are internationally recognized, not only among public and private educational institutions as well as with authorities but also in the business world and between chambers of commerce. They are an official guarantee in the evaluation and certification of linguistic competence in Spanish.

In many countries, DELEs have been adopted by education authorities and regulated schools as a complement to their own assessment programs. They are ideal for facilitating job promotion and access to education both in Spain and in other countries where the tests are performed.


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Official Catalan Language Exam

inlingua also offers preparatory classes for obtaining certificates of knowledge of Catalan. In Andorra it is possible to test for the A, B and C levels.

For more information: https://www.educacio.ad/

The official Catalan language exams consist of a written test and an oral test that allow an objective assessment of the degree of development of the skills established in each program. These exams assess the candidate’s comprehension and oral expression, interaction, comprehension, and written expression.

The official Catalan language diplomas of the Government of Andorra are 6. They are part of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​of the Council of Europe (CEFR) and are structured at the following six levels:

  • Basic user diploma, level A1: Accredits a mastery of the use of the general language that allows the development of the most basic communication needs.
  • Basic user diploma, level A2: Accredits a mastery of the use of the general language, both oral and written, which allows the development of a basic communicative activity typical of the most common communication situations.
  • Independent user diploma, level B1: Accredits a mastery of the use of the general language, both oral and written, which allows to deal with most communicative linguistic situations that may arise on work-related topics, in school, family and leisure.
  • Independent user diploma, level B2: Accredits a mastery of the use of the general language, both oral and written, which allows to deal with communicative linguistic situations that may appear on both specific and abstract topics, including technical discussions in the professional field of the speaker.
  • Experienced user diploma, level C1: Accredits a mastery of the use of the general language, both oral and written, in the standard variety, which allows one to communicate adequately in communicative situations that require the use of a moderately formal or informal manner.
  • Experienced user diploma, level C2: Accredits a mastery of the use of the general language that allows one to communicate adequately in any communicative situation, especially in the most formal manner. Focuses on the capacity to analyze concepts related to how the Catalan language works.
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