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Language Services

In addition to language training, inlingua Andorra offers other language services: corrections, translations, interpretations, voiceovers, etc.

Translation and Proofreading Services

We have a lot of experience correcting and translating documents of very different typologies (general translations, technical translations, sworn translations…) and fields (education, culture, politics, tourism, sports, business…). In addition, the network of inlingua international schools, given their geographical distribution around the world, guarantees proofreading and translation into many different languages.

Interpretation Services

inlingua Andorra facilitates communication between people from all over the world with high-quality simultaneous or consecutive interpretations. These services allow meetings such as conferences, meetings or product presentations to be very successful and achieve the goals set. We are a leading company in this sector, with the necessary staff and means that ensure the message will reach the right audience.

Speech services

inlingua Andorra can give voice to your texts in the language you want.

Multiple flags, spanish, german, frecnch, english, portuguese, catalan, russian inlingua Andorra

The team

Head of projects

Locally, at the head of the Department of Language Services there is a coordinator who directs, as project manager, all orders not related to language training that reach inlingua Andorra (corrections, translations, interpretations, voiceovers, etc.).

This person is in charge of monitoring the order from the moment it arrives at inlingua Andorra until it is delivered to the customer, including all that this entails —receiving the order and the customer’s observations, choosing the best team according to the task to be performed, distribution, advice, liaison between the team and the customer in case of answering doubts or presenting clarifications, verification of the quality of the service generated and delivery within the established deadlines, among other tasks.

Translators and proofreaders

inlingua translators and proofreaders are highly qualified professionals. They have higher qualifications and proven experience, and understand each order as a new challenge to accomplish, always seeking excellence in the document(s) they will produce.


Our interpreters have specialized vocabulary, due to their academic training and years of experience in technical, medical, financial, legal and commercial interpretation.


Our speakers have contributed their voice and professionalism in audio guides and other audiovisual products in different languages, according to the needs of each client.

To request corrections, translations and other non-training services:

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