young inlingua Andorra students

Junior 1 & 2

8 year olds and up

The Junior 1 and 2 courses develop the language skills of young people learning English through speaking, listening, reading and writing exercises in real-world contexts.

The topics of the units are closely related to the interests and needs of students between the ages of 7 and 12. With our unique interactive and dynamic method and materials, we reinforce all language skills.

Exercises in this program include:

  • Weaving (ask classmates questions and answer them with complete answers)
  • Fill in the blanks in the dialogues and place each part in the correct order
  • Compare, transform and answer questions
  • Read and write short texts on various age-appropriate topics
  • Gather information from the recorded dialogues by listening to them carefully
  • Work on vocabulary, spelling and syntax in writing
  • Play role-playing games, among other types of games.

Once these courses are completed, our young students will have acquired the knowledge and skills that will help them master English as a beginner and enable them to continue to develop successful language skills for later courses.

Junior Books inlingua Andorra (Junior 1 and Junior 2)
Truca ara