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Inclusion department

At inlingua Andorra our students come first. Each learner should receive every tool and opportunity available in order to learn their target language.

To promote inclusion in the classroom, we have created an Inclusion Department. Would you like to know what inlingua Andorra is doing to promote inclusion in our three centers?

The Inclusion Department was created in order to promote Inclusive Teaching. Inclusive Teaching is a range of approaches to teaching that consider the diverse needs and backgrounds of all individual students in order to create a productive learning environment. It is important that all students feel valued. It is also important for all students to have equal access to the information and material taught in the classroom.

At inlingua we want to offer the best to our students, that’s why this department is working on behalf of those who need special resources and adaptations for learning.

It is important to adapt the material because adapted material is what will help the student process the information more easily. We must recognize that every student is unique and has different needs when it comes to learning something new. We are adapting everything for the students and not the other way around.

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