DOTS para jóvenes estudiantes

DOTS First English

Ages 1 to 5

DOTS First English is an early English language program for non-native children ages 1 and up.

During the first five years of childhood, all neural connections related to language acquisition and listening begin to develop. When children are exposed to English from an early age, they acquire its comprehension and phonetics more easily.

Children have an interest and curiosity in everything around them. They learn through the senses, imitating, experimenting, repeating and interacting with other children in a supportive environment. That is why the program is based on their cognitive development and includes the different areas of this development: emotional and affective, intellectual, motor and relational.

From the first class, they are exposed only to English, taking an active role. In this way, they begin to understand and use English to discover the world, to express feelings and experiences, to relate… In short, they learn to use English in real communicative situations.

Young students DOTS inlingua Andorra
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