inlingua Andorra teacher with children

Languages open doors

Come to the country of DOTS, where learning English is a lot of fun!

The DOTS First English program is for children ages 1 to 5. Each program is compatible with the cognitive development of their age group.

By speaking and listening, children acquire language skills naturally and easily. With DOTS First English, the process of learning English is associated with fun.

inlingua has designed the DOTS First English program for non-native speakers. In the classroom, children are the protagonists. They act, sing, rhyme and interact with the help of the material.


Learning a foreign language provides the tools you need in order to succeed. We live in a world where mastery of more than one language is the key to success. For both personal and professional reasons, learning a new language can open many doors.

A child’s ability to learn languages ​​is unlimited. Learning a second, third or fourth language comes with no extra effort.

In the DOTS program, children learn in a supportive environment.

Young learners love to discover the world through experience and experimentation. That’s why all DOTS teaching strategies emphasize action, because it’s the engine of development and learning.

DOTS First English:

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