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We will find the solution that suits the needs of each student and their learning style. Our individual or group language courses are designed to meet the requirements of our clients and can be started at any time. Whether you are interested in group training or want to take individual classes or a course tailored to those who have little time, inlingua has a course for everyone. Courses can be flexible, both in duration and scheduling, and can be general or specific.

The inlingua method emphasizes the oral part of the language, while not leaving out any of the other three language skills: reading, writing, and listening.

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Group courses

For both beginners and advanced learners, group courses offer an active, varied and entertaining learning environment. These courses take place once or twice a week, so they are compatible with busy work schedules.

Course details:

  • Oral and written comprehension, conversation (interaction and oral expression) as well as writing are worked on in depth.
  • Classes are held once or twice a week (two school hours per week).
  • This year, there is also a free weekly conversation hour.
  • There are a limited number of places (maximum four students).
  • If the student is familiar with the language, they can be placed in a course suitable to their level at any time. This student would not need to wait for a new course to start. This student would not need to wait for a new course to start.
  • If the student has some knowledge of the language they want to learn, but are undecided about the course that suits them best, they can take a free level test with inlingua.

At inlingua, we provide language services to a large number of companies and institutions around the country by offering adapted language courses which meet the needs of different sectors (Banking, Tourism, Telecommunications…). The many companies and institutions which take classes with us entrust us with mentoring their staff in different languages.

After analyzing the specific requirements, we develop a course specifically tailored to each company’s goals. In order to create an optimized course, special attention is paid to corporate culture, staff profiles and specific internal requirements. Last but not least, the structure and the schedule of the course is adjusted to meet the needs of each company.

The development of the course is monitored and compared with the original objectives on an ongoing basis. The contact person at inlingua keeps the human resources departments regularly informed.

inlingua utilizes the line of materials known as APP(Accelerated Professional Program) for companies. This program is based on professional situations in the business world and follows the levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR)

Ask us about our company class prices.

Intensive courses

inlingua offers intensive courses, especially during the summer. Nevertheless, we also offer the opportunity to enroll in an intensive or super-intensive course (8 hours/day) during the rest of the year. The intensive course can be adapted to the specific need of each student or group of students; whether the student needs to prepare for an official exam, prepare a presentation/meeting, or improve a specific skill.

A coordinated team of teachers (selected according to the required needs) focus exclusively on the objectives of the students. In order to maximize the practice of oral expression, only the target language is used and constant dialogue is produced.

You may choose the intensity level and the rates vary depending on the duration of the chosen program.

Online courses

inlingua offers you the opportunity to take language courses from the comfort of your own home. Students enjoy the flexibility of following the syllabus at their own pace.

Available languages include:


A1 to C1


A1 to C1


A1 to A2


A1 to A2


A1 to B2


A1 to A2


A1 to B2

Course features:

  • Completion of the level test, correction and submission of the proposed pedagogical orientation.
  • Continuous adaptation in terms of pedagogical guidelines.
  • Unlimited queries to the tutor.
  • Submission of supplementary exercises.
  • Notice from the tutor, by e-mail, in the event of a delay in the delivery of assigned tasks.
  • Preparation of a monthly report addressed to the entity that contracts the service.
  • 4 hours of monthly small group conversation class with an inlingua teacher.
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