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Bubbles 1 & 2

Starting from 6 years old.

Bubbles 1 and Bubbles 2 are two levels of an English-language program for non-native children ages 6 and up.

This program has been created taking into account their cognitive characteristics. Therefore, it has a wide variety of topics that arouse curiosity and interest.

Each level has two books: the Course Book and the Workbook. These books contain different types of exercises that work on the four language skills. With Bubbles, children begin reading and writing in English.

At the first level, they will follow and read the keywords and, little by little, they will acquire the ability to complete sentences and texts and also to answer questions.

Children work on the content by completing activities such as songs, rhymes, games, crafts and experiments. The goal is for children to put into practice what they have learned.

All content is presented only in English. In this way, they begin to understand and use the language spontaneously.

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