The inlingua method highlights the oral part of language learning while also incorporating the other three language skills (reading, writing and listening). For each language level, inlingua offers the GPP material option (General Purpose Program), and the APP material option (Accelerated Professional Program).

Following the levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), these two options provide students with various materials, resources for teachers and complementary tools.

Private lessons are also offered at inlingua, for those who have specific language needs or a busy work/student schedule. With this type of course, the student can choose the number of sessions, adapting them to their availablity.

On the other hand, group courses take place once or twice a week and offer an active, varied and entertaining learning environment.

In addition, inlingua offers its services to a large number of companies and institutions in the country, offering language courses of different types, adapted to the needs of each student.

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These courses are aimed at both beginner and advanced levels in which only the language under study and the teaching method are used. Four language skills are worked on: listening, speaking, writing and reading.

Three hours of training are given each week (two in class and one in conversation). They may have academic, professional or preparatory purposes for official examinations.

Because the groups are small, students have the opportunity to express opinions and put the new content learned into practice.

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Online training

my.inlingua is a platform designed by the pedagogical and IT team of inlingua International, which allows the virtualization of language training.

This platform allows teaching and learning in five languages ​​(English, French, German, Spanish and Italian) from level A1 to C2.

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Online self-learning

inlingua offers online learning classes which gaurantee success in learning the chosen language along with a wide range of options, resources and highly qualified support.

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Flex-e-book is an inlingua application that allows you to download course books in digital and interactive versions.

This application is available for different mobile devices and allows you to customize the materials according to the needs of each student.

With this tool, the student can practice the language at any time and from anywhere, without having to have an Internet connection.

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