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2019 Action Plan

Here we are, taking our first steps in a new year, still somewhat cautiously, probing gently, trying to make 2019 better than the previous year. How many pledges did you make a few seconds past midnight on the night that commenced the arrival of a brand new year? Did you make yourself a promise to acquire more vocabulary or to interact more in the language you are learning? Whatever your pledge is, the big question is: will you stick to it or will you let your New Year’s resolutions wither away before the month of January reaches its end?

Stop putting it off and have your ‘5-a-day’ right now!

Vocabulary, being a core building block of language development, demands more focus! How often do you find yourself reading through a text in a class and outside of class encountering new words? Do you note them down? Do! Start small, ‘5’ is a digestible number and will soon become 10, 15, 20 …

Exercise that muscle of yours!

The brain is a muscle and so is your willpower, all you need to do is train it. While you are already getting your ‘5-a-day’ from reading, now is the time to expand! Your time is finite, you may say. True enough. How about putting on English subtitles while watching your favourite show? For those with more advanced skills, what if you tried interacting with an original version? Illa cinema offers English films every week. Give it a try!

Make it fun!

Nothing comes easier than when you enjoy it! Invite a friend or two to come along! Share the experience with your teacher and classmates next time you see them 🙂.

Have a wonderful 2019 and may all your goals come true!

Truca ara